Reflections and Thoughts So Far

9th May

We met with our University associate on the project, Theatre lecturer, Paul Clarke and got him up to speed with the development so far on the project. Discussing our thoughts and changes as it has gone on was brilliant to make us realise how much we have changed and thought about from the start point we began at.


We discussed:

  • The connotations of the receipt printer, why this, what does it stand for? – where this could be placed in the museum, perhaps near the tills.
  • The positives and flexibility of the app and not losing this, still developing something for phones alongside the physical. The app can start a conversation, tell you to you when to use it and when to not and share other people’s thoughts and ideas.
  • Museums at night – creating a prototype for After Hours events and offer to other museums. Starts a conversation with the museum and see if they want to take it further from that. The audience at late nights is 18 – 35 market – plus this market is also more likely to get the app on an evening surrounded by their friends and looking for something extra to do

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